Several things you need to know:
1. Ticket envelopes were sent home today and will be distributed tomorrow and Monday as well. Advance tickets are $5 and all money or unsold tickets need to be returned by Wednesday, November 7th.
2. Flyers were also handed out today at the end of rehearsal. Use them to spread the word about Alice in Wonderland. Post them at school, church or in local businesses.
3. Head shots, which will be mounted on the bulletin board in the theater lobby during the performances, will be taken on Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 29th and 30th during rehearsal.
4. Please be watching for information about hair styles, socks and make up call times. It will be posted in the next several days.
5. And lastly, the cast has been working really hard and their efforts are showing up on stage. Keep up the great work!

Alice in Wonderland