Parents are required to work one pre-production and one day of performance committee or work on costumes or make-up, which satisfies both production requirements.


Parents are required to monitor at rehearsals/performances, signed up for with the online form when it becomes available: twice for the first child, and one more for each additional one participating. Monitor during a performance counts as two monitoring responsibilities and your day of performance responsibility.


  • Carefully watch cast behavior in the house, off-stage, and in the wings as requested by the director.
  • Attend children to the restroom during breaks.

Pre Performance

Ad Sales: solicit former and prospective persons/companies to place ads in the playbill. They receive a list of previous advertisers to visit in order to collect completed ad forms and payment. Requires a commitment of two to three hours per week for three weeks contacting individuals/companies and perhaps collecting payment and ad forms from them.

Costumes/Wardrobe: sew costumes and assist with measuring at costume fitting. Wardrobe committee members aid in simple sewing tasks, like adding buttons or changing hems, assist with measuring at costume fittings, hand out costumes, and retrieve costumes after the Saturday show.

Make-up: work under the direction of the make-up designer and are responsible for applying makeup during the last week of rehearsals and for both of the performances. Released in time to watch the show.

Props, Painting, Set Construction: work under the direction of the tech director during tech days (6 or 7 Saturdays) prior to the shows. Does not require attendance on all those days.

Day of Performance

Cast Room Monitor: same responsibilities as rehearsal monitors (see above) during the dress rehearsal and/or one of the performances.

Concessions: help set up and sell concessions during intermission.

Parking: direct parking and help with safety prior to either performance. Released in time to be seated in the auditorium by the beginning of the performance.

Ushering: stand at the entrances before the performances to collect tickets, hand out programs and help latecomers enter at an appropriate time. They remind ticket holders that no food or drink is allowed in the auditorium after intermission.