Character Study Questions

Character study questions:
Who is your character? (backstory)
What does your character what? (main motivation)
What obstacles stand in the way of his/her getting what s/he wants? (Conflict)
How will your character achieve his/her goal? (Action)


Smiles and Frowns production fee helps us remain viable and are kept low, just $40, so all students can participate. A show t-shirt, featuring the artwork used on the flier, newspaper ad, and program cover, is included. Additional t-shirts to those who would like one for is an additional $15. Anyone needing help with the cost of the production, should talk to the producer as some scholarships are available.

If you have more than one student in the show, the cost is $40 for the first child and $30 for each subsequent child.

The students on the Tech Crew are required to pay a $5 fee. If assigned to the Running Crew, they will be given a black Tech shirt if they do not already have one. They may want to purchase a show t-shirt, which is $15 and should be ordered at the Parent Meeting if possible.