Makeup Scheduled UPDATED

Due to some make up changes we have altered the original schedule slightly for who shows up when. Please remember that everyone come with foundation and eyeliner and mascara already on (except Brad Brinkley, Natalie Dunnigan, Kristina Slade, Katie Brimhall, and Chloe Wilson).

5:15 pm
Brad Brinkley (Scrooge)
Natalie Dunnigan (Ghost 1)
Kristina Slade (Ghost 2)
Katie Brimhall (Dickens)
Chloe Wilson (Marley)
Dawson Robbins (Tiny Tim)
Cadence Mallette (Belinda)
Lauren Roupe (Raucous Lady)

5:30 pm
Ayden Grabill (Young Scrooge)
Faith Hoard (Mrs. Fezziwig)
Makenna  McCoy (Mrs. Cratchit)
Trey McOmber (Fan's Husband)
August Meyer (Fezziwig)
Anna Newby (Tilly)
Cody Francisco (Fred)
Sally Harrington (Lady 3)
Taryn Whited (Lady 2)

5:45 pm
Maggie Porter (Want)
Jade Woodmansee (Ignorance)
Maisy Woodmansee (Landress)
Riley Springer (Sara)
Addison Springer (Miss Fezziwig 1)
Erin Baxter (Belle's Daughter)
Owen Baxter (Ebenezer)
Mj Birgensmith (Young Wife)
Anna Porter (Ms. Fezziwig 2)

6:00 pm
Lila Clarke (Belle)
Kayla Gaylord (School Master)
Hayley  Gore (Charity Worker)
Joshua Gore (Belle's Husband)
Trinity  Springer (Martha)
Mateus Piers (Peter)
Jayden Peszko (Bob)
Mason  Miller (Dick)
Clara Maynard (Charity Worker)
Emerson Fipp (Charwoman)

6:15 pm
Emery Cumberworth (Girl)
Hackney  Hall (School boy)
Jamey Hall (school girl)
Mitra Surya (boy)
Ashley Hobbs (Fan)
Daisy Hobbs (Lady 1)
Madelyn Holland (Lady 5)

A Christmas Carol