Audition Forms and Information Sheets

We are so excited for our next show!!
With auditions just around the corner, here are the forms you will need to complete and bring to auditions along with a small (wallet-sized) photograph of your child.
There are six documents in total.
Three are information sheets which the parents/guardians of actors need to read and understand: Mandatory Availability Dates, Parent Involvement Information and Parent Responsibilities Information. They give an overview of our process and the responsibilities of parents whose children are cast in the show.
There are three forms to be printed, completed and brought to the audition: Audition Application, Family Emergency Contact Form and Parent Committee Form.
If more than one child from a family is auditioning, only one Family Contact Form and Parent Committee Form is needed per family.
Completion of the forms before arriving at the audition is not required and copies will be available, but actors are called for auditions in the order their completed paperwork is presented to the producer, so doing this beforehand will lessen the amount of time spent waiting during the audition process.
We look forward to seeing everyone next week!