Notes for Act I (Nov 1)

Thanks again everyone for your hard work. I know it's difficult to get through the scenes as we stop/start with technical elements and fix things along the way. Please ensure you are watching quietly and know your cues to come in. Tomorrow Thursday November 2 we will run all of Act II: we will only need those actors who are in the actual scenes. On Friday, November 3, we will work Act I scenes 5 through 8. If you are only in Scenes 1-4 and are not in any of the later scenes, you will not be required to attend on Friday. Let me know if you have any questions. Please review the following notes.

Scene 3

  • Katie: anticipate your entrance for the school scene. Start coming out as soon as you here Natalie start her line "Strange to have forgotten these things..." on p. 31.
  • Hackney, Surya, & Jamey: much better being happy as you come in and exit! You can giggle more and make more noise.
  • Brad: be more startled/confused by the kids when they enter, especially when they don't notice you, to prompt Natalie's line about them not seeing you.
  • Aiden & Ashley: when hug, make sure you are closer center stage. You should be in the middle of where the doorway is. I'll show you the spot on Monday.
  • Scene 4

    • Everyone in the Fezziwig scene: better happiness and noise today, you can go even farther with it. Make sure to review your cues for entrances/exits. I'd like Mateus & Alexa to enter sooner (after only 2 counts), then Josh & Sally on a 2 count, then Maisy, Daisy, Lila, and Faith 2 counts after them.
    • Lily and other little Miss Fezziwigs: make sure to remember that there is a pretend wall beside the door. Don't walk through it or put your foot past where the "wall" is.

    Scene 6

    • Lila & Owen: much better, thanks for remembering things. Remember not to look down when you are sad, look up instead.
    • Lila: When you say "Way of the world..." don't look back at Owen, let him come to you.
    • We will work this scene more on Friday.
    • Brad: follow Owen SR a bit when he exits, remembering his pain.
    • Erin B: make sure you come through the vom DSL for your scene, not through the wings.
    • Josh: grab the coat tree when you leave the scene. Lila: good job taking the stool off with you.

    Scene 7

    • Brad: be less afraid when you see the Ghost of Christmas Present, and more amazed. She's friendly. Also: come SR of her first, then turn around her on "Who are you?"
    • Fred: great job greeting your guests after helping with the scene change! Everyone else in the party, do the same as you enter, respond to Fred, greet each other. You got better when you came in and sat, make it happen from your entrance.
    • Anna N: much better with your delivery, teasing everyone. Pick up the pace a bit now and be more specific with your pacing: don't just walk away as people are talking to you, respond to people and look like you have a plan when you're moving.
    • Guests: great reaction to Anna saying "No!" Do that more throughout the scene.
    • Cody: make sure you always use your upstage hand when you welcome people and shake hands, especially when you pretend to be Mr. Scrooge.

    Scene 8

    • Jayden (Bob): better pacing today, pick it up even more along with volume. Sit down at the table on the line "Oh it was lovely," on p. 56.
    • All: we will work more of the Cratchit transitions and scene on Friday.
    • Jennifer H: great work on the last bit with Ignorance and Want, especially with how you picked them up. Remember to cheat out more when you have your final line about hiding them from the working classes.
    • Jennifer & Chloe: great job with that transition! Let's take it just a little slower next time so it has more impact.
    A Christmas Carol