Notes for Act I (Nov 3)

Thank you again for your hard work today. Over the weekend please review your lines, cues, and blocking notes. Look over the notes posted to the website for each scene that you are in, and look over the costuming/makeup notes posted. If you are helping with a scene change, know what you are doing and make sure you know when/where you are supposed to enter/exit a scene. If you have any questions, please contact me via phone or email to find out. Monday is a big today adding lights and sound, so please be ready to jump right into rehearsal ready to go.

The following are a few notes for today.

Scene 5

  • Brad: don't hold your hand out for Natalie to grab, let her come and grab it. Let her guide you as much as possible.
  • Trey: much better. Keep up the volume.

Scene 6

  • Brad: don't get to far away from Natalie when you see Belle. Natalie: make sure you immediately reach out and stop Brad from going farther.
  • p. 41: Owen, cross in front of Lila to sit on the bench with "I did. Terrible news!."
  • p. 42: Owen: "new leases and contracts." Take Lila's hand in yours (don't lift it up yet).
  • p. 42: Owen: "Can anyone idolize you more than I?" Hold Lila's hand up to your heart.
  • p. 42: Lila: "Another idol..." Stand up and cross downstage. Look out at audience.
  • p. 42: Owen: "What are you talking about?" Stand and cross downstage, make sure you are standing inline with Lila (and not behind her). Lila, turn to look at him when he comes downstage.
  • p. 42: Owen: "Belle, be reasonable." Be upset and cross to the risers (be just in front of Brad). Take a beat, then turn to Lila and say "I am only trying to deal with the world on its own terms."
  • p. 42: Lila: "It's true." Cut Owen off, don't let him finish the sentence, and cross to him stage right.
  • p. 43: Owen: "Even if I have grown wiser," take Lila's hands.
  • p. 43: Lila: "It is enough that I have thought of it--and can release you." Make sure you hold onto Owen's hands until you say this line.
  • p. 43: Lila: "In a changed nature." Be upset with these lines and cross slightly SL to bench, don't sit down yet.
  • p. 43: Owen: "You think not." Both Lila and Owen should pause here. LIla, after a few seconds, go sit down on the bench (don't back up to it, just turn and sit down on it normally. After you are seated, say "I would gladly think otherwise."
  • p. 43: Lila: "weigh everything by gain or loss?" Wait for Owen to cross and sit on the bench here, then continue with your line "Or suppose you did choose such a girl..."
  • p. 44: Lila: "... for the man you once were." Let the clock noise get you up Owen, offer your right hand to Lila's left to help her up.
  • p. 44: Owen: "Don't do this, Belle." Jump in front of her, try to stop her.
  • p. 44: "Good-bye, Ebenezer." Lila, don't leave until after you finish your lines. Owen, immediately cross SR to vom.
  • Brad, follow after Owen a little SR on "Spirit, this is too much."

Scene 7

  • Kristen: start with your downstage hand out on the line "acquaintance," then turn around to face Scrooge as he crosses so it becomes your upstage hand. Make sure in both positions your feet are pointed to the audience.
  • Emerson: your first to come on is with Riley, who will send you back off. You should have three glasses on your tray offstage. Your next cue to come on is Hayley saying "It's a bear!" Hayley will take a glass. You should then get caught up in the game and cross downstage to where Anna will be with the children. Your line is "A cat?" after Jamey says "A pig?" and Tilly answers "No." Tilly will take a glass and say "No," then you should go stage right to the riser and give Lauren a glass (she is sitting on the yellow sofa). Go back offstage left and put two glasses on the trey. Your next cue to come out is on p. 52 when Fred says "Meantime... he has given us plenty of merriment..." Take Brad's place beside Fred. He will take two glasses, then you should go offstage and put the trey down. When everyone says "Uncle Scrooge!" come back out and say "Cook says the meal is ready."
  • Brad & Kristen, go far SR for the Cratchit scene change instead of downstage in front of it on Monday, and we will mask that scene change with darkness and catch you in spotlight. See me on Monday if you need an exact spot before rehearsal.

Scene 8

  • Cratchits: I will send copies of the completed tracking sheet to you so you know exactly what to bring on and off for your scene changes.
  • Jayden (Bob): immediately take the fruit bag away from Tiny Tim when you put him down, and give him his crutch.
  • Trinity: make sure you help Tiny Tim enter and exit the doorway (pick him up). Take his crutch away from him when you help him on the stool and take it upstage with you, then take it offstage with the scene change.
  • Dawson and Cadence: much better facing the audience on your stools, do that from now on. Dawson: great job remembering your line!
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