Notes for Act II (Nov 2)

Thank you again everyone for your hard work today. Everyone should remember to point your toes to the audience and not face the back of the theatre (unless I specifically told you to). Talk with your body facing the audience and your head turned. If you have a chair or stool, try to turn it out toward the audience as much as possible. Tomorrow (Friday November 3) we will rehearse Act I Scene 5-8.

Scene 1

  • Brad: take a beat (pause) before you cross down stage ("Before you...") Also take more of a beat on "What does that mean?"
  • Chloe: cross downstage of Scrooge and make sure to lead him to locations, the get behind him.

Scene 2

  • Taryn & Daisy: great volume!
  • Alexa, Madelyn, and Sally: great laughter, really sounding like a bunch of gossipy ladies. Make sure you keep the volume up when you speak, with good pronunciations/diction, and look at who you're talking to.

Scene 3

  • Emerson: much better, great work. Don't sway when you stand, keep your feet planted. Great accent, just don't lose your volume.
  • Maisy: look concerned for your friend and comfort her when Old Joe hurts her. Remember to slow your lines down. Use your upstage hand to point.
  • Maisy, Emerson, and Cody: we will run a fight call on Monday at intermission.

Scene 5

  • Cadence: please turn on your stool to face out toward the audience as much as possible.
  • Jayden (Bob): much better, vast improvement. I could hear you very well and could tell you are getting more comfortable with the monologue. Pick up the pace more when you are happy and talking about the good times. Don't cross behind the table on the "names, situations" bit (this is a change); stay planted and call Peter over to you for the next bit.

Scene 6

  • Katie: come out of the wing on "I feel like laughing aloud." Also, exit through the same wing rather than the vom.
  • Brad: we've gone too far with the blanket action now, cut back on it. You can use it and then move on.
  • Little Jayden: great adjustment playing before Mr. Scrooge talks to you, and thanks for remembering your mark! Remember to wait to leave when he says "half a crown."
  • Brad: take a moment to see Jayden before calling to him. Also: go to the SR side of the bed to look out the window instead of behind the chair. Also, cut the directions line.
  • Clara: cut the line "here is my card."
  • Brad: take more time to cross stage left on the Dickens narration.
  • Jayden (Bob): hug the wall after Scrooge stops you from entering the counting house. Then cross down to him on "Step this way, sir, if you
    please," and wait for him to cross in front of you before coming to him. Remember to help him pick up Tiny Tim.
A Christmas Carol