Notes for Mon. Nov. 6

Great job tonight getting through the entire show so quickly. I can tell many of you have read your notes and worked hard on your parts. The number one note for all cast members is volume: everyone can stand to be much, much louder. If you think you are loud, be louder. If you think you are louder, be even louder. Take good breath support and sustain it all the way through your lines. Pronounce your words. Continue to review your lines and especially be quicker coming in with them (know the line that prompts you to speak and make sure you are coming in as soon as the other person finishes).

Scene 1

  • Katie B: the blackout is your cue to start downstage with the spot. Make a big deal out of opening the book: be more of a showman. Same with closing the book as you head to the door.
  • Cody: you entered to soon as Fred. You should wait until Bob and Scrooge have their exchange about coal.
  • Mason: at the top of the show, enter from the back of the house. Do not leave the stage until the charity women give you money, then go through the SL vom.
  • Trey and August: stand farther downstage when you have your lines about that heartless old man.
  • Cody, Clara, Hayley, and Sally: don't stand upstage of Scrooge's desk, make sure you are on the downstage corner. Brad, when you come out, stand downstage and make them come to you.
  • Cody: take your stuff from Jayden when you start to exit the first time, be about to exit on the riser, then turn and have your speech.
  • Brad: when Bob claps, cross in front of Cody instead of behind him to go to Bob. Cody: when you stop Scrooge from attacking Bob, bring him back downstage more.
  • Jayden: try to stop the kids from messing with your things, you have work to do.
  • Surya: make sure you are on the other side of Bob's desk and always upstage of Emery.
  • Surya and Emery: cry when Mr. Srooge threatens you, look afraid.
  • Brad & Jayden: we skipped the line that cues the clock. Say "What a foul night…" The clock will chime, then Bob will jump up and start getting ready. Brad check your watch, then say your line as the clock is fading out.

Scene 2

  • Brad & Chloe: be more centered in the room's line instead of the on the edge of it SR. Please review your blocking for this scene. Chloe: be much louder the entire time.
  • Brad: pick up your cue faster on the "Yes thank you, haunted!"

Scene 3

  • Aiden: be LOUDER. Great acting, now we just need to hear you.
  • Ashley H: great job with speech, be louder. Make sure you are in line with the door when you speak to Young Scrooge and point your feet to the audience.
  • Kayla: come down to the same level as the kids when you interrupt them so they don't turn upstage toward you.
  • Natalie: don't go quite as far SR when you cross. The other kids will be farther onstage so you shouldn't have to go as far.

Scene 4

  • Owen and Mason: take the desk off first, then move the benches. Mason: remember to bring the small round table off.
  • August: don't get farther DS of Owen when you cross. Also: hug your daughters, then point them downstage so they are facing the audience instead of pointed up to the door.
  • Fezziwig Party Guests: make noise when you enter, laugh, giggle, have fun.
  • Brad & Natalie: when you dance down the line, hug the curtain farther US so Owen and Lila have somewhere to stand.
  • Mason: as soon as Mr. Fezziwig brings Owen CS, come down and join them. August will then go to his daughters and you and Owen will speak to each other, then cross to the bench SL.
  • Fezziwig Party: freeze when the lights change. When the lights come back up, make lots of noise as you exit.

Scene 5

  • Trey: much better looking sad. Now speak clearly and loudly.
  • Owen: make sure when you are upset you don't drop your volume. Speak up while being sad.

Scene 6

  • Natalie: step down off riser after you stop Brad from going to Belle.
  • Owen and Lila: please look over this scene's lines and blocking, we are missing a lot of words here, some of which are cues for the tech crew. I have typed up all your actions in last week's notes. If you need to run this scene before rehearsal starts tomorrow please do so.
  • Lila: don't cross so far SR now the lights are set, just take a step and stay in the light when you hear about how alone Scrooge is.

Scene 7

  • Jayden, Hackney, and Emery: don't get quite so far downstage when you play in the snow, you were right on top of the microphone today. Be farther back. Great playing though. Make sure you know which shop you go to.
  • Cody: we need to work putting the Christmas tree star on with you tomorrow.
  • Fred's party: great knowing your lines, now pick up the pace. Much quicker with the guessing. React more, be puzzled, really get into the game.
  • Cody: look over your monologue for this scene.
  • Emerson: the first time with the trey serve Hayley, then Anna, then Lauren (on the sofa). The second time bring two glasses out for Fred to get.
  • Brad & Kristina: head SR while the Cratchit scene change is going on (in front of the riser).

Scene 8

  • Jayden & Dawson: see me tomorrow to learn the different way you will enter the door.
  • Jayden: put Dawson down farther SL so you can stand beside him instead of behind him.
  • Cratchit kids: I could see some of you in the doorway. I know it's a tight fit but try to hide more. On your cue, Mateus and Cadence should come out first to get the cups. Then count to two, and Trinity and Dawson will come out to go to his seat.
  • Dawson: make sure you turn on your stool so you face out to the audience when you say "God Bless Us Everyone." Be super loud.
  • Jude: keep your face up when you're hungry. Also: don't go through the curtain, walk through the vom to get to your spot.

Act II Scene 1 & 2

  • Brad & Chloe: we are going to work that first bit to put the pause & scare in the correct place tomorrow.
  • Taryn: match Daisy's volume in your scene.
  • Sally, Alexa, and Madelyn: be farther SR in the light when you stop to talk.

Act II Scene 3

  • Emerson: be quicker with "But Joe!" Good fight.
  • Cody: don't lock your trunk after the Charwoman bit, make it easier for you to open later.
  • Cody & Maisy: we are going to rework the ending with the trunk so it is easier to do.

Act II Scene 5

  • Mateus: when Bob cries, stand completely up. Once it's clear he's OK, you can pop your foot on the bench.
  • Jayden (Bob): great playacting with Fred bit today, especially pulling out the card. Don't walk behind the table anymore.

Act II Scene 6

  • Anna: keep your group more CS and cheat them out as and after they get their money.
  • Hayley and Clara: I'm going to move you father onstage for your bit with Mr. Scrooge. Come to the edge of the riser so you're not so far away from the others.
  • Brad: follow the Charity Women and wave as they leave, then take much longer to cross. Dickens should get the door in place before you reach it.
  • Cody: don't pretend to open the door, just come right through it. Much better with placements here.
A Christmas Carol