Puss in Boots Cast List

Our thanks to everyone who came out to audition. If you were not cast in this show, please try again. Everyone did very well, but there wasn't room in this cast for all the wonderful actors who tried out. Emails will be sent shortly to the parents of those cast with a link to a quick poll to indicate your acceptance of your roles. See everyone next Monday at 4:30 at the full cast meeting!!

In the order of appearance:
Puss--Anna Newby
Tom--Mateus Zimmerman-Pires
Jeannette--Riley Springer
Countess --Cassie Everhart
Rosalind--Katie Brimhall
Phoebe--Anna Herdman
Gabrielle--Kayla Gaylord
Dog--Owen Baxter
The Great Ogre--Cody Francisco
Princess Pam--Faith Hoard
Coachman--Hayley Gore
Footman 1--Lauren Roupe
Footman 2--Chloe Wilson
Ann--Alexa Hudson
Jane--Avery Tittle
Betsy--Jamey Hall
Ruth --Maisy Woodmansee
John--August Meyer
Liza--Daisy Hobbs
Peasant Children--Ashley Hobbs, Dawson Robbins, Nick Russell
King--Jayden Peszko
Queen-Katie Vermiglio
Royal Courtiers--Holly Chabo, Lila Clarke, Joshua Gore, Jessica Hobbs, Ellie Myers, Pranab Mitra, Surija Mitra, Olivia Swinson
Cook--Trinity Springer
Cook’s Helpers--Riley Tittle, Addison Springer, Natalie Dunnigan
Prisoners --Erin Baxter, Griff Brimhall, Caitlyn Dunnigan, Aiden Grabill, Jamie Herdman, Madelyn Holland, Lucy Myers, Elina Shearin, Avery Springer, Taryn Whited

Puss in Boots