Makeup call times

We will be testing special makeup on a few characters on Tuesday (not Monday). This will be done before and during rehearsal. A few of the cast have already been asked to arrive at 6 PM on Tuesday; others will be brought back for testing during rehearsal, not all who will have special makeup will be tested.

Below you will find your makeup call times for Hansel and Gretel, full dress rehearsal Thursday and performances Friday and Saturday. Please arrive in the makeup area in full costume at your assigned time. This means if you are changing at the theater, arrive early enough to change before your makeup call time. Also, please come with foundation, black eye liner and black mascara already on and your hair already fixed the way your character's hair should be (check separate costume message for this).

If you have any makeup related questions or concerns, please email me at .

The following cast should arrive in the makeup area at 5:15 pm Thursday and Friday and at 12:15 pm on Saturday:

Katie Brimhall - Greta (Troll)
Brad Brinkley - Frick
Sophia Chabo - Cookie (Marguerite)
Delanie Evans - Town Child
Asher Haralson - Cookie
Bridger Haralson - Cookie
Raven Moore - Dew Princess

The following cast should arrive in the makeup area at 5:30 pm Thursday and Friday and at 12:30 pm on Saturday:

Cassie Everhart - Lydia
Emerson Fipps - Frack
Hayley Gore - Sprite/Echo
Daisy Hobbs - Attendant/Dew Prin.
Jessica Hobbs - Sprite/Echo
Clara Maynard - Cookie (Katrina)
Makenna McCoy - Witch
Annagrace Saufley – Owl

The following cast should arrive in the makeup area at 5:45 pm Thursday and Friday and at 12:45 pm on Saturday:

Owen Baxter - Hansel
Cody Francisco - Father
Kayla Gaylord - Town Child
Madelyn Holland - Cookie
Riley Springer - Sprite/Echo
Trinity Springer - Town Child
Katie Vermiglio - Sprite/Echo

The following cast should arrive in the makeup area at 6:00 pm Thursday and Friday and at 1:00 pm on Saturday:

Anna Herdman - Town Child
Jamie Herdman - Attendant/Dew Prin.
Faith Hoard - Town Child
Claire McCrea - Mother
Mason Miller - Town Child
Ellie Myers - Cookie
Lucy Myers - Town Child
Nick Russell - Cookie
Chloe Wilson - Sprite/Echo

The following cast should arrive in the makeup area at 6:15 pm Thursday and Friday and at 1:15 pm on Saturday:

Don Caison - Town Child
Makayla Columbus - Town Child
Natalie Dunnigan - Town Child
Sally Harrington - Town Child
Riley Meadows - Town Child
Saniya Moye - Sandman
Chloe Paramore - Gretel
Maisy Woodmansee - Town Child

Thank you,
Leigh McOmber
Makeup Committee Chairperson
Smiles & Frowns Children’s Playhouse

Costume Information

Friday Opening/Saturday Closing

WOW! Time has really flown by! We anticipate a great show.Following the Friday night performance many of the actors and crew enjoy having a "get-together" at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. If your child is interested in attending please follow these guidelines.
*Please know that this is NOT an officially sponsored Smiles & Frowns event, so we are not providing any supervision to anybody. Each cast/crew member needs to have a responsible adult present and pay for their own food/beverages.
*Since this is not an "official" event, all are welcome to attend, including friends.
*Five Guys always staffs the restaurant well to serve so many of us at that late hour, so PLEASE TIP THEM!!!!!!!!!!
SATURDAY- Everyone is expected to stay and help after the show closes Saturday to help 'strike' the set and put things away. A list explaining what needs to happen and who does what will be posted backstage. Remember to bring scripts to turn in with costumes. Also, clothes to wear home.

Saturday's cast/crew party following the striking of the set IS an official event paid for by Smiles & Frowns and is therefore limited to cast/crew ONLY. No family members or friends are permitted. If parents need to wait at the theatre for their child, they are free to gather and socialize in the auditorium. We usually finish by 5:00

Thank you so much for all you are doing to help this performance be another success!! We appreciate all of your help!

Tickets for Hansel and Gretel

Tickets went home last week. Please be sure to return unsold tickets and/or money for tickets sold by Wednesday, 3/22 in an envelope with your student's name on it. If you need more tickets to sell, please return the money for the original tickets before getting more from our ticket chairperson, Jennifer Brinkley. The director does not have additional tickets. Tickets are also available at our ticket outlets: Edward's Pharmacy (Ayden), Artisans (Greenville) The Venue (Greenville).

Photos of Hansel and Gretel

A professional photographer will come to Thursday's dress rehearsal and shoot the entire show. CD's can be ordered for $10, flash drives for $15. No one will be allowed to watch the dress rehearsals or take pictures at the performances with any device. Please cooperate with our policy. Money made from the sale of these photos directly supports our program. Thank you!

3/17 and The Final Week of Rehearsal

There is no rehearsal or workshop on 3/17.
Rehearsals next week switch to the evenings and begin at 6:45. Please refer to the rehearsal schedule for more details. Everyone's attendance is required each night.

Please check your schedules

We begin rehearing larger sections of the play today! Please now look to see if your scene is included in the A, B, or C block.
A = Act 1, Scenes 1a,b,c,d & 2a
B= Act 1, Scenes 2b, 3a, b, c & Act 2, 1a
C= Act 2, Scenes 1b, 2, & 3a & b

Tech Work for Hansel & Gretel

Work on the set and props for our upcoming production of Hansel & Gretel begins 2/11 and continues each Saturday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. through 3/18. If you signed up to help with sets, painting and/or props, please come dressed in old clothes and sturdy shoes on which you don't mind getting paint. Please bring a bag lunch and drink if you plan to stay the whole time. The running crew, lights, etc. will be picked from the students participating in the set build Saturdays. The more you come, the better we know you.

It is important that parents and students planning to participate let us know they are coming so that we can plan the work appropriately. You may contact us through this website to indicate/reconfirm when you are coming.

Thanks. We couldn't do this without YOUR help!

Rehearsal Schedule


Scene Breakdown Sheet - The Key to the Schedule