A Christmas Carol

Notes for Thur. Nov. 9

Thank you everyone for a great final dress rehearsal. Your costumes look amazing, you are all much louder, and I am seeing some really good performances on stage. We have a play! Please remember to review your costume notes and makeup schedule. Tomorrow you should come in the gym door (not the theatre door). When the play is over, make sure you go backstage first after the curtain call, put down all your hats, scarves, shawls, etc. Then you may go out the gym door and back into the theatre/lobby to meet people.

Notes for Wed. Nov. 8

First: great job tonight on a first dress rehearsal! You all look great in your costumes, and we actually took time off the running of the show tonight. Also: great for remembering your spots for the curtain call: it ran very smoothly and the singing sounds great. Please check the updated makeup schedule (which has changed) so you know when to arrive tomorrow and what to wear.

Makeup Scheduled UPDATED

Due to some make up changes we have altered the original schedule slightly for who shows up when. Please remember that everyone come with foundation and eyeliner and mascara already on (except Brad Brinkley, Natalie Dunnigan, Kristina Slade, Katie Brimhall, and Chloe Wilson).

5:15 pm
Brad Brinkley (Scrooge)
Natalie Dunnigan (Ghost 1)
Kristina Slade (Ghost 2)
Katie Brimhall (Dickens)
Chloe Wilson (Marley)
Dawson Robbins (Tiny Tim)
Cadence Mallette (Belinda)
Lauren Roupe (Raucous Lady)

Notes for Tues. Nov. 6

Everyone, great job tonight. We made a lot of progress with acting and most importantly, volume. Some people I heard for the very first time tonight, which is great. However, we still need to be louder, not just for the audience, but to help our spots and sound people hear their cue lines. Remember to face the audience as much as possible when you talk so that your voice will carry, get good breath support, and speak clearly. We should improve every day leading up to opening night on Friday.

Notes for Mon. Nov. 6

Great job tonight getting through the entire show so quickly. I can tell many of you have read your notes and worked hard on your parts. The number one note for all cast members is volume: everyone can stand to be much, much louder. If you think you are loud, be louder. If you think you are louder, be even louder. Take good breath support and sustain it all the way through your lines. Pronounce your words.

Makeup Schedule

UPDATED Wed Nov 8: the makeup schedule has changed. Please see the revised schedule.

Notes for Act I (Nov 3)

Thank you again for your hard work today. Over the weekend please review your lines, cues, and blocking notes. Look over the notes posted to the website for each scene that you are in, and look over the costuming/makeup notes posted. If you are helping with a scene change, know what you are doing and make sure you know when/where you are supposed to enter/exit a scene. If you have any questions, please contact me via phone or email to find out. Monday is a big today adding lights and sound, so please be ready to jump right into rehearsal ready to go.

Special Makeup

We will be testing special makeup on a few characters on Monday. This will be done before and during rehearsal. A few of the cast are being asked to arrive at 6 PM on Monday; others will be brought back for testing during rehearsal, not all who will have special makeup will be tested.

The following cast should arrive at 5:45 PM on Monday for special make up testing:
Brad Brinkley, Natalie Dunnigan, Kristina Slade, and Chloe Wilson

The following cast should arrive at 6:10 PM on Monday for special make up testing:
Jude Woodmansee, Maggie Porter

Notes for Act II (Nov 2)

Thank you again everyone for your hard work today. Everyone should remember to point your toes to the audience and not face the back of the theatre (unless I specifically told you to). Talk with your body facing the audience and your head turned. If you have a chair or stool, try to turn it out toward the audience as much as possible. Tomorrow (Friday November 3) we will rehearse Act I Scene 5-8.

Scene 1

Notes for Act I (Nov 1)

Thanks again everyone for your hard work. I know it's difficult to get through the scenes as we stop/start with technical elements and fix things along the way. Please ensure you are watching quietly and know your cues to come in. Tomorrow Thursday November 2 we will run all of Act II: we will only need those actors who are in the actual scenes. On Friday, November 3, we will work Act I scenes 5 through 8. If you are only in Scenes 1-4 and are not in any of the later scenes, you will not be required to attend on Friday. Let me know if you have any questions.