The Wizard of Oz November 1986
Dr. Doolittle May 1987
Cinderella November 1987
The Velveteen Rabbit March 1988
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory November 1988
Charlotte’s Web April 1989
The Magical Pied Piper November 1989
The Gingerbread House in the Forest May 1990
The Lion, The Witch, & the Wardrobe November 1990
Little Red Riding Hood March 1991
Alice in Wonderland November 1991
Winnie the Pooh April 1992
Pinocchio November 1992
Raggedy Anne & Andy March 1993
The Princess and the Magical Pea February 1994
The Emperor’s New Clothes November 1994
The Trial of Goldilocks December 1995
Captain Noah March 1996
The Legend of Pocahontas October 1996
The Secret Garden March 1997
Babes in Toyland November 1997
Treasure Island April 1998
The Prince and the Pauper November 1998
My Son the Rock March 1999
Puss in Boots March 2001
The Aliens are Coming! October 2001
Thumbelina April 2002
A Little Princess March 2003
The Legend of Pocahontas November 2003
The Jungle Book April 2004
The Best Christmas Pageant November 2004
The Honorable Urashima Taro March 2005
Charlotte’s Web November 2005
The Velveteen Rabbit April 2006
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz November 2006
The Real Princess and the Pea March 2007
A Christmas Carol November 2007
The Magical Pied Piper March 2008
Anne of Green Gables November 2008
Hansel and Gretel April 2009
Scheherazade: Legend of the Arabian Nights March 2010
The Spell of Sleeping Beauty November 2010
Jack and the Giant April 2011
The Lion, The Witch, & the Wardrobe November 2011
The Jungle Book March 2012
Legend of Sleepy Hollow November 2012
The Little Mermaid March 2013
The Legend of Pocahontas November 2013
Treasure Island April 2014
Charlotte’s Web November 2014
A Little Princess March 2015
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever November 2015
The Secret Garden March 2016
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz November 2016
Hansel and Gretel March 2017
A Christmas Carol November 2017
Puss in Boots March 2018
Alice in Wonderland November 2018
Blather, Blarney & Balderdash March 2019
The Real Princess and the Pea November 2019
The Jungle Book March 2020
PopUp Playhouse at the Ayden District Park October 2020
Smiles and Frowns Clubhouse March 2021 to April 2021
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory November 2021
The Princess Who Had No Name April 2022
16th Annual Jefferson County Children's Shakespeare Festival November 2022