Notes for Tues. Nov. 6

Everyone, great job tonight. We made a lot of progress with acting and most importantly, volume. Some people I heard for the very first time tonight, which is great. However, we still need to be louder, not just for the audience, but to help our spots and sound people hear their cue lines. Remember to face the audience as much as possible when you talk so that your voice will carry, get good breath support, and speak clearly. We should improve every day leading up to opening night on Friday.

Now that we are adding costume pieces, it is very important that everyone remember to read the notes Ms. Susan wrote regarding how to handle your costumes. Tomorrow night (Wednesday) you will wear your costume to the theater. That includes your socks and shoes. Your hair needs to be styled as requested. You do not need to wear your makeup. Please bring a set of clothes to wear home Wednesday night in case we have to keep your costume to make last-minute alterations.

During rehearsal, do not leave costumes (hats, gloves, scarfs, coats, etc.) on the props table. Costumes are your responsibility and not the tech crew's. The prop tables are for props, not clothing. If you don't have your costume, do not ask crew for it, they do not know what you are wearing. You should be aware of where your costume pieces are at all times. Don't eat or drink in your costume.

Also: do not play with the curtains: not the main drape, not the side curtains, not the back white curtain. When you are offstage you should be as far from the curtain as possible so your are not seen. Do not peek at the audience: they will see you. Please do not talk back stage: people will hear you. Save your volume for your part onstage.

Please review the following notes.

Scene 1

  • Cody: still too soon on your entrance as Fred. Wait until Scrooge starts talking about his coal."
  • Mason: face the audience and look in your bowl once the scene in with Bob, Scrooge and Fred starts.

Scene 2

  • Chloe: slow down your lines, be more deliberate. Talk the way you step, slowly but forcefully.
  • Brad: make sure you don't upstage the ghosts. When Marley leaves, don't get too close to her, let her get farther away. When you check the door, say your line first, then exit (you're leaving as you say the last bit and we lose the meaning.)

Scene 3

  • Natalie and Brad: between the two of you, find a way to mask that candle when we go to the blackout. You shouldn't have to run now that we have music, you actually arrive in place early tonight. You can be coming into place as the music fades out.
  • Ashley H: better volume, you can go even louder. Remember to point your feet out when you come on stage and face the audience. Slow down your lines so we can understand them.

Scene 4

  • Alexa is the only party cast giggling and making noise as she enters the scene. Everyone else match her. Great job dancing and making noise as you exit.
  • Lila: don't be quite so animated in the background while Scrooge and the Ghost are talking, it was a little distracting tonight.

Scene 6

  • Lila and Owen: much better tonight. Owen, louder and slower. Lila, make sure not to play with your feet, plant them and act with your upper body.
  • Brad and Natalie: don't move away from each other and the struggle until the sound cue happens.

Scene 7

  • Hackney, Jayden, and Emery: great playing. Make sure you face the audience when you go to the shopkeepers.
  • Fred's party: make noise as you enter, be happy. Keep the pace quick and lively during the game.
  • Anna Newby: be more purposeful with your crosses, don't aimlessly pace. Make sure you keep facing out to the audience. When you talk to the kids, let them come to you. You can bend down to talk to them, but don't turn upstage.
  • Emerson: you forgot to give Lauren R a glass today, she is supposed to get one of the first three goblets.
  • Katie B: we would like to add you to helping with the Cratchit scene change tomorrow. See Kiara when you come in to find out what we need you to do.

Scene 8

  • Jayden: stand on your line about what Tim said in church today, then turn back to the table with your line "Here's your spot Tim." Great better volume and pacing today: keep it up.

Act II Scene 3
Here is the revised Old Joe blocking we worked tonight:

  • Cody grab Maisy's hand with the money, twist, take the money bag, then push. Stay standing and pick up shirt to examine.
  • Maisy come forward to take money on line "She'd have wasted it..."
  • Cody pay Maisy on line "What do you call wasting it?"
  • Maisy count money on line "Putting it on him to be buried in."
  • Maisy hold hand out for more money, Cody try not to pay her, Maisy reach for shirt in Cody's hand, then Cody pays her more. Maisy then counts her money on her calico line. Cody can start packing the trunk with stuff from the basket.

Curtain Call

  • After Tiny Tim runs on, Trinity, Mateus, and Cadence enter to stand with Makenna from the Stage Right (SR) vom. Cody, Riley, Anna, and Lauren enter to stand on the other side of Scrooge from the Stage Left vom.
  • On SR, the Fezziwig party guests enter as couple next (scrunch in). SL, Hayley, Clara, and Kayla enter, followed by Trey, Emerson, Maisy, and Taryn.
  • SR: Little Miss Fezziwigs, followed by Want and Ignorance, followed by Young Wife and kids.
  • SL: Erin, Jayden Powell, Hackney, Aiden, Jaimey, and Riley.
  • 3 Ghosts: I'm going to move you to SL so you can be seen better. Still come in when you hear "He kept no further discourse with spirits."
A Christmas Carol