Reminders and Music

We're a week and a half into rehearsals for Christmas Carol, and the director has a few reminders for the cast:

  • Please always bring your script and a pencil to write with: it's important to write down notes as we work.
  • Remember to signin as soon as you arrive at rehearsal; if you are going to be late/absent, please let the director know as soon as possible.
  • Remember that parents should accompany their children into the building and that we will not dismiss a child after rehearsal without first seeing the parent.
  • Costume fittings will continue this Friday (October 29).
  • If you would like to submit artwork to be used on in our T-shirts and marketing, please turn it at rehearsal before this Saturday (September 30).

Thank you all for your hard work so far. Please begin now working line memorization. The better you know your lines, the better you can learn your part. Remember that the date you must have all your lines memorized is Monday October 16.

Next Friday (October 6) we will learn "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day," a traditional Christmas song, which the entire cast will sing at the end of the play. Photographs of the students from the shoulders up will be taken on this day to be hung in the lobby for the audience to look at.

We will sing the first and last verse of "I Heard the Belles on Christmas Day;" the following is a children's version that you can listen to in preparation for next week's musical rehearsal. As always, please reach out if you have any questions/concerns.

A Christmas Carol